Once upon a time, there were two classmates who spend all their classes in talks of fashion.

We’re kidding, of course! Not all of our classes… But it is true that a remarkable part of our high-school life and growing up went somewhere between the malls, the street markets and the thrift shops. It started the moment our parents gave is the freedom of choosing our own clothes, and by today shopping and styling have become somewhat of a disease (as my mother likes to say).

After five years of developing each of our style, we decided we should take it to the next level – by creating a blog for the world to see, discuss and maybe even be inspired of. Our goal is to have fun, it has always been. But as we grew up, we slowly discovered the true magic of what you are wearing: it gives people the first, most important and purest impression of who you are, how you’re feeling and what you came here for. I speaks for yourself, even when you’re not sure what you want to say. A well-chosen style for every occasion is what opens doors for you and makes you stand out from the crowd. It is exactly this power that charmed us and made us go for it.

So here it is. We call it an experiment, almost like a showroom we can go back to every time and learn (and laugh maybe), and improve. Everyone can put sneakers and a T-shirt and call it a day. Just as everyone can dress up with heels and bodycon dress and head off to the club. Not to forget copying straight from the pages of your favourite magazine, which not only will cost you a fortune, but also kill the uniqueness you have. It is what you are wearing when you think no one will see, and pick out that I’m-not-sure-but-I-wanted-to-try-this-for-a-long-time combo out of your closet, that matters. It is what sets you apart, and it’s what we most commonly use as an inspiration – randomness, moment ideas, effortlessness.

I hope you like what you’re seeing. If you do, comment, like, share, so we can know : )


I. & M.


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